Holger Mertin is a multipercussionist and specialist in rhythmic traditions. He is involved in diverse transdisciplinary projects.

Mertin’s play is characterized by his spontaneous, both melodious and rhythmic style that is equally reflected by his individual instrumentarium. With the help of his frame drums, his hanghang, the gong-like ‘tamtam’ or the tube-equipped waterphone, Mertin creates unconventional but constantly harmonic soundscapes. He furthermore explores the very own sounds of everyday objects such as garbage cans, glass vases, concrete floors or his body and integrates them into his creative performances.



„This man is an acoustic miracle“

Ingeborg Drews, Jazzpodium 06/08

„Holger Mertin’s performance is fascinating“

Julia Eiden, Westfälische Rundschau/Siegener Zeitung, 10.09.2012

In his multifaceted projects, Holger Mertin strives for inspiration and creative exchange beyond stylistic and artistic boundaries. Be it experimental jazz scores, pop music or the complex meters of world music traditions, any rhythm presents an artistic starting point for the talented multipercussionist.
This way, Mertin’s spontaneous dialogues with diverse artists turn into energetic, melodious and highly contagious musical experiences. He already collaborated with internationally renowned musicians and artists, among others Jaki Liebezeit (Can), Milan Sladek (mime), Eberhard Kranemann (Ex-„Kraftwerk“), Martin Sasse (Sting, Martin Sasse Trio), Hayden Chisholm, Paul Shigihara (WDR Big Band), Roland Peil (Die Fantastischen Vier) and jazz star Ali Haurand (European Jazz Ensemble).

Among his current projects figure the popular concert series Drums and More, the Holger Mertin – Jaki Liebezeit Duo and the dance/music happening Mitumba by the Cologne-based dance company Mouvoir. Mertin moreover composed the musical score of the WDR 5 radio production 14 Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs (14 Diaries of the First World War, 2014).