Holger Mertin Solo


In his diverse solo performances, Holger Mertin deploys his individual instruments in various ways. In his spontaneous creations, Mertin not only plays frame drums, the cajon, hang and waterphone as he also explores the very own sounds of garbage cans, glass vases, concrete floors, metal sculptures or his body. In his contagious performances, the talented multipercussionist furthermore changes between rhythmic and melodic levels and invites his audience to a live experience of the artistic moment. Through his physical play, Mertin’s solo presentations also turn into visually impressive happenings. Mertin performs at diverse events and on different occasions such as vernissages, exhibitions and fairs.


„It’s incredible to experience the oscillations that can be coaxed out of percussion instruments like the cymbal, hang, waterphone or a simple wooden stool through the means of snapping, stroking, knocking”

Julia Eiden, Westfälische Rundschau, 10.09.2012

„Holger Mertin turns his entire body into a drum set – a sublime experience”

Andrea Giesbrecht-Schmitz, General-Anzeiger Bonn, 1.6.2010

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