Drums and More


In his innovative concert series, Holger Mertin invites various artists to enter into an improvised dialogue. His specific interest lies in the inspiration and exchange beyond stylistic and artistic boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether his guests are playing percussion, electro, jazz, baroque, world music or folklore, whether they are performance or dance artists: Mertin and his invitees are engaging in a highly contagious, experimental and rhythmic exchange. Drums and More’s credit list bears the names of internationally renowned musicians like the percussionists  Jaki Liebezeit, Jonas Burgwinkel, WDR-Big-Band guitarist Paul Shigihara and the world famous mime Milan Sladek among others.


„in his exclusive performance series Drums and More, [Mertin] presents his percussion play while communicating with artists from various backgrounds … while the audience can closely experience the interaction between Holger Mertin’s percussion art and his internationally renowned guests”

„the artistic integrity in Holger Mertin’s intimate percussion art concerts convinces the audience through its quality”

Axel Mikolajczak, STICKS Magazin


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