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The percussion-opera piece “Mein Lied der Gewalt” is going to take place in June 2018 – the new date will be confirmed after summer!

“On Stage Performance”

Violinist Justyna Niznik and me are working on a piece for our Duo. On 24th of June we gonna perform in Cologne at “Raum 20”. Also: The rehearsals for the…

(Deutsch) 30. April , Köln im King George “Tribute to Jaki Liebezeit”

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

21.04. “The Immersive Project”

After the Fazil Say-Project with “WDR Rundfunk-Orchester Köln” the next big Project is the Release concert/Party from “The Immersive Project” a collaboration with Swiss Spezialmaterial-Label and guests like Eberhard Kranemann…

28.11. – 3.12. DAAD-Projekt “Die Atlaswerkstaetten von Agdz”

we had a great week with the Moroccan Ahwash Musicians/Dancers at the “Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz” Cologne

Atlaswerkstaetten von Agdz 12.09 – 21.09.

„I’m part of the new DAAD funded „Die Atlaswerkstaetten von Agdz“ in Morocco/Germany. It’s an interdisciplinary project with music/dance/philosophy/resource management.”


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    Agdz - Marokko
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    Kulturhaus Osterfeld